Drive Value Added Services Programs
to success with the
Etvas Customer Success Advisory Service

De-risk service program implementation with our predictable and tested Advisory Service process. Discover how you can deliver roll out great services with confidence by addressing four key topics - Journey, Business Case, Services and Execution.

Initiatives to bring new services in front of customers usually get stuck in decision limbo due to uncertainty. Choosing which services to bring can be a shot in the dark - the process is complex and oftentimes there's little capacity to properly plan for it. Additionally, the implementation of such programs is difficult due to the sheer number of options available.

The challenge

We have created a process to de-risk Value Added Service Program initiatives. We bring forward our market and consulting experience and combine it with your deep customer understanding and our technical capabilities. The result is a comprehensive view of what your customers want and how you can bring it in front of them.

Our Advisory Service aims to provide answers to 4 critical aspects of a value-added services implementation program, keeping in mind the end goal - adoption from your customer base.


Identify the best customer journey and touch points for our customers to use extra services?


What is the business case? How much is it going to cost? What's the ROI of the program?


What services do our customers want? What are services improve your unique value proposition?


How can we implement it? What is needed from every department? What are the milestones?


From our hands-on experience, the best results are obtained when the following process is followed:
1. Workshop to high-level scope of the initiative, value proposition, customer segments, potential services, challenges, etc.
2. Sourcing and selection process to shortlist and get detailed information about the best services.
3. Validate buying intent for shortlisted services with customers.

The Etvas 3 step Customer Success process

In this conversation, we combine within 1-day our decades of experience to get a comprehensive understanding of your goals, your customer's needs, and how your Value Added Service Program will work to deliver the expected business results.


Why is it necessary?

VAS programs fail all the time and it usually is not the lack of resources, services, or technical skills that is the main reason.


What roles are involved?

Stakeholders that will contribute to the success - marketing, product management, IT, CDO, customer service.


What do you get?

Most importantly, we conclude together whether a Value Added Services initiative makes sense.


Our way of getting the best result in this stage is:
- Initial sourcing - Based on your targeted customer segment, we research and select from the hundreds of services available about 20-50 services that can be a fit.
- Shortlist - We review the list with your services team and further reduce the list to 3-5 which get more in-depth research.
- Due diligence - During the research we contact the shortlisted service providers and we initiate a due diligence process according to the Etvas Service Quality Framework™ to manage reputational risk for your business. 
- Financials -
We also obtain initial pricing, contracting, and technical implementation information to accurately inform a roll-out plan.

Service Sourcing & Selection

How many of our customers will buy these services?

Typically, launching new services to a customer base can be a little bit like a blind date - you kind of know what to expect, but you can never be sure. The outcome of this phase is a documented and informed response to this question.

Our way to increase the success rate is by testing the appeal and commercial viability of the shortlisted services with your target customers.

Direct marketing
Focus groups

Customer validation

At the end of the Etvas Customer Success Advisory Service you'll get a comprehensive package that includes all the info required to have a solid foundation for your Value Added Services Program and enable a successful implementation with great ROI.

Target customer

A clear image for the targeted customer segment.


Detailed customer journeys to deliver services.

Business case

Business and financial case detailing costs and ROI.


Qualification and scoring criteria for service sourcing.

Sourced services

All the services we sourced including the scoring details.


Services assessed with the Etvas Service Quality Framework.

Cost & timeline

Pricing, contracting, and technical integration cost and timeline.


Customer validation data for services which have been shortlisted.


Program rollout plan including activities, timelines and budgets.

Financial proposal

Detailed financial proposal on using of Etvas platform to deliver the program.


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