Etvas Der Schlüsselpate - secure second key storage

Store your spare keys securely and anonymously and in an emergency have them delivered to your front door by courier in 30-60 minutes nationwide.

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Der Schlüsselpate is Germany's most secure key depot. Your key is safely stored in one of our special safes. The safes are located in a protective room in the depots of our partners in the security industry. In case of an emergency you can simply call us. A security guard will bring your key to the deposited address within 30-60 minutes. Der Schlüsselpate is available nationwide.

The entire process from the conclusion of the contract to the storage of the keys and the handing over of the keys is subject to the highest security criteria. The keys are guaranteed to be stored anonymously, while the corresponding customer data is stored on a separate system. There is at no time a spatial interface between customer data and keys. The key itself is stored in a special safe, which in turn is located in a protective room.

If you need your spare key, simply call the key-pate hotline - within 30-60 minutes it will be brought to the address on file or to the agreed meeting point in the vicinity of the address on file.

How it works:

  1. Become a customer: Conclude the contract for Der Schlüsselpate conveniently and securely on this portal and retrieve your personal key return envelope.
  2. Send in your key: Take the key return-envelope sent to you by Der Schlüsselpate, insert your spare key and send the sealed envelope to the pre-printed address.
  3. Be sure: If you need your spare key, call the Der Schlüsselpate hotline free of charge. Please have your personal data ready for our employee's query. The replacement key will be brought to you within the next 30-60 minutes. After checking your identification data, the key will be handed over to you.