Etvas SICURNET - Security For Your Online Identity

With Etvas SICURNET, CRIFBÜRGEL now offers permanent protection for personal data on the Internet.

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The Internet offers endless possibilities and allows you to carry out financial transactions and orders very easily. However, your data can be stolen due to security gaps or errors. Hackers and fraudsters can obtain and use information about you. For example, to open a bank account or credit in your name. Or to apply for a credit card and order goods on the Internet in your name.

SICURNET helps you to monitor whether your identity or personal data is published or offered on the Internet (public web, dark web). The dark web is a niche of the internet that cannot be found with conventional search engines and browsers. That is why the dark web has become a bazaar for confidential information (addresses, bank accounts, credit cards, etc.).

Because the protection of your personal information is also important on the Internet: SICURCNET

  • Permanent monitoring of your personal information and bank data on the Internet (incl. Dark Web).
  • Immediate notification by e-mail or SMS when your personal information is found on the Internet.
  • Individual advice from our expert hotline.
  • Analysis of the found hit.
  • Next steps.

How it works

  1. Become a customer. Conclude the contract for your identity protection conveniently and securely encrypted online in this shop!
  2. Register data. Register your personal data to be monitored in our online portal. When registering, enter the desired information such as e-mail address, ID number, phone number or credit card number. PIN numbers or passwords are not requested. In our online portal you can change or supplement your registration at any time. You too can benefit from identity protection without any time-consuming, tedious installation processes.
  3. Be secure. Now you're covered. The identity protection system constantly monitors your data and alerts you if your data is illegally offered for trade.

Your data is only stored to protect against identity theft. Permanent monitoring of personal information and bank data on the Internet (incl. Dark Web).