The marketplace

for value-added services

A consumer-centric platform that helps businesses offer amazing customer experiences with relevant and engaging value-added services to monetize customer relationships.

Easy on the business. Amazing for the customer.

In a fragmented market, sourcing value-added services takes time and money. Technically, integration is challenging & expensive. ETVAS is a data-driven umbrella marketplace where all services are readily available in one place.
Get started in days, instead of months or years.
Zero or deep integration? Both.
Leverage economies of scale
Delight customers with relevant services
Increase revenues or retention? Both!
Either by using the white-labeled mobile first portal or our APIs and SDKs, give your end-customers access to a world of services with just a few clicks. Customers' experience is greatly simplified with a single login and one payment for all services offered. 


Most comprehensive catalogue of value-added services.  We integrate providers only once, leveraging economies of scale in contracting and technical support to both sides of the table.


Activate in minutes relevant services for your end customers from our service catalog. Enhance your offer every week as new services and providers become available.


Get started with zero effort by using the white labeled mobile first Etvas Customer Portal. Or use our SDKs and APIs to develop highly customized customer experiences.

The platform

ETVAS for Businesses

ETVAS is building the first marketplace for value-added services. 

We help businesses save time and effort sourcing, contracting & integrating service providers, cutting back costs and decreasing service integration time from years to days. Integrating with our platform improves your monetization.

Who is it for?

Banking product managers
enhance existing products, increase the profitability of new and existing customer relationships, retain customers.
Financial advisers
Offer end customers in the branch individual services with real added value.
E-commerce partners
Mix & match! Boost your digital POS business with service offers matching the shopping cart. 

The platform

For VAS providers

Access all of our business partners with one platform integration. As a service partner, you’ll be granted full access to a marketplace with endless ways of improving revenue via an all-inclusive sales channel with minimal effort. 

The platform

For end customers

Access all the value-add services offered by your insurance or banking provider in one interface. You no longer have to keep track of multiple accounts, invoices and  passwords for all the individual services you have access to.

Use cases

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The team

Ilie Ghiciuc
CO-Founder & CTO
Founder and CEO of teamfluent and thinslices with 80 employees. 80+ successful complex IT solutions developed for start-ups and companies. 7 companies founded.
Sören Timm
CO-Founder & CEO
Recently set up a value-added services company in Hamburg with 60 employees. Over 50 successful projects with banks and insurance companies.


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