Cashback Programs
That Really Work

Drive significant growth with the Etvas cashback program powered by purchase intelligence that revolutionizes your marketing mix!

Address the universal demands and challenges of consumers in 2022. As inflation soares, consumers want to save money. Which, in return, increases the demand for cashback.

With our purchase-based innovative marketing platform you deliver highly relevant, personalized online and offline offers in consumers’ daily banking applications.
Get exclusive access to banks’ digital channels and create card-linked marketing campaigns with up to:

21.6m additional touchpoints per day

6.5bn incremental conversions per year

and reach 42m German consumers

We are currently looking for the first 50 brands for a strategic partnership

Why the Etvas cashback program?

Etvas enables us to diversify our growth marketing with little effort and to develop new customer groups. The cashback technology also has the benefit that we only pay for relevant traffic and offers us a well-controlled ROAS.

Christopher Eisermann

Brand Manager Germany

Win new customers with high CLV

Increase customer loyalty

Address the right prospects with our automated AI-driven transactional offers

Grow revenue and market share/ even reach brick-and-mortar retail

Explore unique market and consumer insights

Be one of the first in the German market to capitalize the potential of high-precision targeting campaigns powered by purchasing data!

What it’s like partnering with Etvas: highly effective targeting

Safe environment for your offers - control when your ad appears in banking channels

High conversion rates due to the AI-driven relevant transactional offers

Relevant KPI especially Cost per acquisition

Spot business opportunities by knowing consumers’ purchase behavior in real-time.

No need to create demand. Simply target customers who spend a given amount of money at your competitors’ or other market players within a specified period.

What you will achieve

Larger customer base

Increased loyalty

Higher customer lifetime value

Personalised targeting for own customers

Positive brand reputation

Increased brand awareness

What it’s like partnering with Etvas

First strategic relevant partners enjoy exclusivity in their category

No costs, no risks: first 10 partners get trial version for free

Easy2use self service SaaS platform

Pay per transaction/conversion No fake customers Free brand awareness

Quick time2market

Analytics dashboard for monitoring & controlling as well as optimization which we support

A/B tests results for optimal content

You choose between “always on”, limited-time only and user-activated campaigns.

Etvas is an essential strategic partner for us because they offer a unique technology in the German market. Through the Etvas platform, we enable parents to sustainably provide for their children’s future with attractive cashback offers. Creating savings becomes much more fun. Also, our banking partners are very happy with us.

Christina Hammer

Co-Founder & CMO, Clanq

Our cashback solution

Targeting & A/B testing

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Cost per conversion

SaaS - no need to install anything


Dashboard with KPIs

Dedicated customer success manager for campaigns

We monitor, control and optimize together

Premium service & 24/7 support

Our pricing model

20% transaction fee of the cashback paid to end-users

Unlimited amount of campaigns

Unlimited users

No license fee for merchants, no need to cancel a subscription!

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