Etvas for 

ETVAS helps insurers save time and effort in the procurement, contracting and integration of service providers, reduce costs and shorten the time to launch value-added services from 18 to 1 month. Etvas is pleased to support you in your digital transformation and to be a partner in your insurer ecosystem.

Build targeted, group-oriented service ecosystems to transform your policyholders from emergency managers to valuable partners in everyday life.

Etvas Platform

Deep Integrations (API, SDK)

Save time and effort, contract and integrate service providers

Branded Customer Portal

High core product sales, high customer satisfaction

Hook customers emotionally to the brand with one-on-one services-offers that match life events.

Who is Etvas?

Etvas is the customer-oriented platform for additional services. With Etvas, you can find a suitable additional service for your products quickly and easily. For this added value, customers are willing to pay more and remain customers longer. This is how you optimize the monetization of your customer relationship.


Become the everyday helper of your customers, even outside the world of financial products. Offer suitable support, security, savings or unique experiences whenever and wherever your customers want it.


Create more points of contact with customers, retain and interact with them, improve the value of core products through more everyday help even when no claims have yet been made.


Mix & Match! Strengthen your online business with service offers that match your shopping cart. A Plugin is enough, in order to offer your customers in the Checkout suitable auxiliary services, increase in yield and a stronger customer connection are pre-programmed.