Etvas for Insurance

The insurance industry is known to be in a state of change. With the rapid development of technology, insurers are rethinking their strategy to maintain their strong competitive position.

Large insurance companies used to focus on the product and the risk rather than the customer. As a result, they developed a product-oriented technology whose purpose was to act as a "claims manager" when something happens.

More and more insurers want to act not just as "emergency managers" but as "life partners" for their end customers.

They want to be there to prevent something from happening. And how do they do it: By using value-added services to become proactive, preventive helpers in their customers' everyday lives.

Transformation from emergency manager to life coach

Activate relevant additional services for your end customers in our marketplace with just a few clicks. Your offer of value-added services at the right time, in the right place and at the right price helps you to better monetize your customer relationships and minimize risk costs through the preventive nature of additional services.

White label End Customer Portal

Use our white-label end-customer portal easily for first pilot campaigns with Etvas, or basically to start your value-added program especially fast. You don't even need a website or a mobile application! Just sign up as a partner, upload your logo, choose a sub-domain name and you are live! Our white-label portal automatically creates white-label landing pages for your direct marketing activities for each additional service you select.

With single sign-on, we focus on creating a seamless experience for end customers coming to and from the Etvas platform. With the implementation of Single Sign-On, your customers will be able to access the Etvas customer portal with existing credentials and credentials provided by you without having to create another account.

An iFrame creates a seamless integration between your web customer environment and the Etvas service offerings. For each value-added service or service package, you will receive a customized copy & paste code that you can insert anywhere in your web application to display additional service offerings.

Deep Intergration (API, SDK)

Easily integrate the Etvas Marketplace for additional services via API or SDK into your website, app, online insurance manager or any other desired customer portal of your insurance company. Via direct interfaces, your customers will experience the added value you have selected even more intuitively.

Etvas Platform

In a fragmented market, the procurement of value-added services costs time and money.

Technically, integration is challenging and expensive.
Etvas is an open digital marketplace where all additional services from all providers are easily available in one place.

Who is Etvas?

Etvas is the customer-oriented platform for additional services. With Etvas, you can find a suitable additional service for your products quickly and easily. For this added value, customers are willing to pay more and remain customers longer. This is how you optimize the monetization of your customer relationship.

Become the everyday helper of your customers, even outside the world of financial products. Offer suitable support, security, savings or unique experiences whenever and wherever your customers want it.

Create more points of contact with customers, retain and interact with them, improve the value of core products through more everyday help even when no claims have yet been made.

Mix & Match! Strengthen your online business with service offers that match your shopping cart. A Plugin is enough, in order to offer your customers in the Checkout suitable auxiliary services, increase in yield and a stronger customer connection are pre-programmed.