Etvas Marketplace

Etvas continuously evaluates the products and services available in the market and adds to the Etvas marketplace the best ones to achieve the highest possible value for customers and seamless integration for our partners.

Etvas Eyeonid - Identity protection

Etvas Eyeonid - Identity protection enables Internet users to take data protection into their own hands. Identity Protection customers prevent financial loss, save time and regain data sovereignty. Identity Protection sounds the alarm around the clock when personal information is found in the Deep Web and Darknet.

Demo Time

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Etvas THINGS - Bring back lost items

Etvas reachtag THINGS, the clever service against loss. By attaching the eight stickers to your items the finder can contact you easily in case of loss.

Etvas PHONE - Phone loss protection

If you lose your mobile phone, a finder can reach the contact person you have stored by the easiest and fastest way.

Etvas Der Schlüsselpate - secure second key storage

Store your spare keys securely and anonymously and in an emergency have them delivered to your front door by courier in 30-60 minutes nationwide.

Etvas Internet Security for 3 devices

With Internet Security you can surf the Internet in a relaxed manner - no matter which device you use.

Etvas Web-Washing Service

Deletion of your personal data on the public Internet. We help you keeping control over your personal data.

Etvas Card Protection

The Etvas SPB card protection - block all cards with just one call. Protects against consequential costs in the event of loss, theft or card fraud.

Etvas KEY - Key finder

With reachtag KEY you are permanently but anonymously accessible to the finder of your keys.

Etvas SICURNET - Security For Your Online Identity

With Etvas SICURNET, CRIFBÜRGEL now offers permanent protection for personal data on the Internet.