Etvas for Service Partners

Access to all our business partners with platform integration. As a service partner, you get full access to a marketplace with many opportunities to increase sales through a modern sales channel with minimal effort. Whether you are a start-up or an established service provider, we look forward to your extra-service in our marketplace.

Kickstart a small services programme on the right foot! Save costs & resources via licensed software.
Advanced Developer Tools

Easily integrate your service into the Etvas marketplace. Use our advanced developer tools, command line interfaces, APIs and SDKs.

Create Etvas Apps

Create your own Etvas Apps with our Etvas visual design kit, running in the Etvas Cloud.

Etvas App Store

Bring your extra service as Etvas App to the Etvas marketplace, the same way companies do on the Shopify, Atlassian or Salesforce app stores.

Etvas Platform

Access all of our business partners with one platform integration. As a service partner, you’ll be granted full access to our marketplace with endless ways of improving revenue via an all-inclusive sales channel with minimal effort.

Value-Added Service Partners