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As one of the more innovative banks in Germany, Sparkasse Bremen can be considered a pioneer of digital ecosystems; taking this role seriously, the bank collaborated with Etvas with the aim of offering its customers custom-made value-added services.

The future of banking lies in digital ecosystems that offer products and services beyond banking. According to a recent PwC study, the advisable course of action for banks is to look at beyond-banking products. As opposed to the classic segmentation approach, looking at customers’ individual life contexts and events is a key element to regaining relevance.

The Challenge

The Etvas white-label portal enables Sparkasse Bremen to offer its customers various value-added services. In doing so, it uses a security ecosystem that includes identity and data protection services, loss assistance services, and antivirus software. In addition, Sparkasse Bremen uses the product landing pages provided by Etvas as targets for various campaigns.

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The Cooperation