Digital Platform for
Value-Added Services

Etvas is the world's first digital B2B2C platform for add-on services that add value to our business partners' products and optimize customer touch points to achieve better monetization and customer retention.

Our cloud API-based marketplace connects all providers of value-added services with customers of banks, insurance companies, online stores or mobile operators under one digital roof.

Why Etvas?

Procuring suitable services with added value for the end customer is difficult in a fragmented market, and the technical integration of various additional services takes a long time and is expensive. As a result, the customer experience often suffers as a result of multiple customer logins to different service partners, for example. This is where Etvas can help! We find the additional services, negotiate purchase prices and conclude the service partner contracts. Then we integrate all services once into one platform for all our business partners.

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Etvas Features

Only One Technical Integration
We integrate all services into one platform, and you decide with how much effort you want to integrate our marketplace. Start with zero effort by using our white label customer portal. Or use our SDKs, APIs or plugins to develop highly customized customer experiences for your own app, web application or web store.

Largest Service Ecosystem
The aggregation of all extra-services in one platform takes the effort out of searching for individual services yourself. Just log in to our B2B marketplace, select the desired service, the duration, and determine the sales price - done. Now, just one click and your customers can use the new additional service.

Start Service Programs 10x Faster
No time-consuming search for service partners, no complicated integration of individual service partners into your IT. Activate value-added services for your end customers in minutes. With Etvas you can offer value-added programs 10 times faster than before. Stay flexible, exchange service offers in real time.

Retain Customers
When supply and demand meet, customer enthusiasm arises. Choose the right services for your target groups in our marketplace, let your customers decide, or use machine learning models for automated offers. And to reduce customer churn, simply offer services at a preferential price or free of charge.

Better Monetisation
With our flexible pricing models, which allow you to offer relevant extra-services at any desired price point, you decide on the amount of your additional revenue. Bundled with additional services, you increase the willingness to pay for your own products, offered as an option, you start successful direct marketing campaigns.

Winning New Customers
Use value-added services from our marketplace to make your products more attractive compared to the competition. Customers expect an excellent service experience, even outside your own product range. We support you with our Single Sign-On, secure customer identification and integrated purchase and billing processes.

Easy on the business.
Amazing for the customer.

Either by using the white-labeled mobile first portal or our APIs and SDKs give your end customers access to a world of services with just a few clicks. Customers experience is greatly simplified with a single login and one payment for all services offered.

Who is Etvas?

Etvas is the customer-oriented platform for value-added services. With Etvas, you can always find a suitable extra-service for your products quickly and easily. For this added value, customers are willing to pay more and remain customers longer. This is how you optimize the monetization of your customer relationship.


Become the everyday helper of your customers, even outside the world of financial products. Offer suitable support, security, savings or unique experiences whenever and wherever your customers want it.


Create more points of contact with customers, retain and interact with them, improve the value of core products through more everyday help even when no claims have yet been made.

E-commerce Partners

Mix & Match! Strengthen your online business with service offers that match your shopping cart. A Plugin is enough, in order to offer your customers in the Checkout suitable auxiliary services, increase in yield and a stronger customer connection are pre-programmed.

Access all of our business partners with one platform integration. As a service partner, you’ll be granted full access to our marketplace with endless ways of improving revenue via an all-inclusive sales channel with minimal effort.

Value-Added Service Partners

Meet the team

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