Customer Success Manager (Hamburg M/F)

About the job

We believe products in banking and insurance became replaceable and the world increasingly impersonal. We help businesses to bring more empathy and personalised experienced to every day’s life of their customers.

Working towards our customers’ success and our companies' success we look for a the Customer Success Manager dedicated to maximising profitable customer relationships by reducing churn and growing recurring revenue.

About you

As a results-oriented Customer Success Manager, you act strategically and growth-focused and are in regular exchange with our B2B customers in banking and insurance in the post-sales life cycle. You can inspire our customers about Etvas and enable them to use the Etvas solution optimally for their needs.

As Customer Success Manager you act as a liaison between service and sales, incorporating product expertise and customer feedback dedicated to ensure our clients are getting the most out of our platform service.

In order to succeed in this role, you need In-depth knowledge of our product, understanding of our banking and insurance customer and their

needs and skills to proactively orchestrate the customer’s journey towards their goals.

Role and Responsibilities

Customer Success Managers create policies and procedures that optimise the customer experience. Depending on the size of the clients company you may work alone or manage a virtual team that works directly with customers. Either way, you ensure the following are carried out:

- Customer onboarding, training, and support

- Making customers aware of resources such as knowledge-base articles, tutorials, how-to videos and webinars

- Gathering customer feedback and sharing it internally to improve the product and/or establish better Customer Support practices

- Analysing customer data and to help them discover aspects of the product that are most beneficial to them

- Carrying out periodic health checks to avoid churn

- Account management and renewals

- Keeping customers updated on changes to the product they’re using, new features and new products they might find useful

- Encouraging customer advocacy through internal NPS surveys, external reviews, case studies, testimonials, and referrals

- Upselling and cross-selling through review of customers’ progress

Skills and Expertise

Essentially, as a Customer Success Manager you analyse the goals of the B2B customer and our own company, map out the steps to achieve these goals, and then takes action to ensure they are met. Performance and success in this role are based on:

- Relationship-building with stakeholder in the clients organisation

- Strong communication skills

- Attention to detail

- The ability to lead a team

- Digital-affinity and experience using Google Cloud, Hubspot, Slack, Atlassian, Discord or similar products.

More about our benefits

Etvas is a well-financed Fintech located in Hamburg. Both founders are experienced entrepreneurs who have been awarded multiple times for their modern leadership. We invest in you; help you push your own boundaries.

At Etvas we all mobilise behind our company vision and shared company goals, but we also provide freedom to individual team members on how to get there.

More about Etvas

Etvas is the world's first digital B2B2C marketplace for extra services that add value to our business partners' products and optimise customer touch points to achieve better monetisation and customer retention.

Our cloud-based marketplace connects all providers of value-added services with just 1x API to customers of banks, insurance companies, e-

merchants or mobile operators.

Additional Information

Our office is located in Hamburg, where we meet on a regular basis.

Remote work is well accepted however, where we provide you with latest Apple devices.

We support you financially with your commute to the office. Individual training and education is a given so you prepare for your carrier steps in our business with international focus. We are looking to hire for a full-time role but are flexible.