Etvas Card Protection

The Etvas SPB card protection - block all cards with just one call. Protects against consequential costs in the event of loss, theft or card fraud.

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Nowadays, when credit cards, wallets or entire handbags go missing, it is usually a case of theft.

The perpetrators are not only interested in getting cash quickly with the stolen bank cards. Thieves are often just as interested in gaining advantages from captured customer or membership cards. It is therefore important to block all cards as quickly as possible. But do you know which card should be blocked first and which telephone number you have to call to block which card?

With SPB Card Protection, you only need to call one phone number to block all cards registered with us and lost! A personal contact person is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will deal with your request competently and quickly. With just one call, all giro cards, credit cards (of all German banks), customer, member and mobile phone SIM cards registered with us can be blocked. You no longer need to remember your various card or account numbers, but enter them once in our portal. You can register all cards that are important to you. The number of cards protected by us is unlimited.

SPB card and document protection offers effective protection for you, your life partner and up to three children - you can even rely on valuable emergency services abroad.

Our solutions for you at a glance:

  • Reach a personal contact person 24 hours a day who can help immediately.
  • Blocking of all cards affected by the loss with one call: EC and credit cards, customer, member and also mobile phone SIM cards.
  • Emergency cash aid of up to 1,500 euros.
  • Hotel and return travel expenses up to 1.500 Euro each.
  • Card misuse: coverage of costs not covered by the bank up to 500 euros.
  • 24 hours retroactive protection from notification.
  • Assistance in case of key loss and cost coverage for replacement keys up to 200 Euro.
  • Replacement cards up to 200 Euro.
  • Replacement documents up to 200 Euro (e.g. identity card, passport or driving licence).
  • Spare handbag or spare wallet up to 200 Euro

The costs reimbursed by us are benefits that do not have to be paid back by you. The T&C apply.

How it works:

  1. Become a customer: Conclude the contract for your card protection conveniently and securely encrypted online in this platform.
  2. Register data: Register your maps and documents in our online portal. When registering, you simply enter the card numbers required to block the cards. Secret PIN numbers or passwords are not requested. You can change or amend your registration at any time on our online portal.
  3. Be safe. Now you're covered. You can have your cards and important documents blocked around the clock by simply calling the emergency number.

Your data will only be stored with us in case of an emergency. Under no circumstances will your data be passed on to third parties. Of course we strictly observe the regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act.