Integrate, configure and distribute
Value Added Services
cost-effectively, quickly and at scale

Etvas enables the digital transformation of your business, creating growth and breakthrough innovation through frictionless delivery of value-added services to your customers.

Integrate your own services in days or use services from the Etvas Marketplace in minutes.

Deliver services to customers across a compelling range of use cases with a fantastic customer experience.

Etvas Business Flow



Easy integration
Technology agnostic
Consistent branded UI with Etvas Kit
Apps hosting in Etvas Cloud

Customer Success Advisory Service

Service Assessment Framework


Partner Studio
Advanced data analytics
Fixed price & subscriptions
Customer CRM
Audit log
Customer segmenting
Service quality monitoring

Thousands of services integrated soon
Service ecosystems
Take services or offer services


Customer Portal
Fully hosted with personalized UX
White label & Fully Branded
Embedded & integrated into your web & mobile app
Fast & Responsive
One account, one payment
Multiple payment methods

AI-powered service delivery
SSO - Frictionless purchase & usage
Open banking


ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant

Resilience & scalability

Platform agnostic

BaFin compliant money handling


Hosted in Germany

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

The Etvas Customer Portal is the easiest way to start offering extra value-added services to your customers.

Simply configure your Customer Portal with colors, logos, and other elements of your brand and start selling under your own label, at a price you decide, in literally minutes. No IT required.

Whether it’s complex cybersecurity or travel products, insurances or extended warranty, gift cards or financial products - all from the Etvas Marketplace - or products and services you and your existing partners can self-service integrate, Etvas will take care of user onboarding, frictionless payment, and usage and quality control of the services.

Fully hosted Customer Portal with personalised UX

Let your customers experience the beauty of your brand in all details of the customer experience.

Brand colors

Your portal with your brand and accent colours.

Onboarding media

Images and videos on the login and registration.

Welcome content

Connect with images and text before signup.

Vanity subdomain

Custom subdomains to make Etvas personal.

Branded emails

All communication is under your brand.

White label and fully branded

The full power of Etvas Customer Portal directly inside your mobile or web members area. Whether embedded into a mobile or internet banking app or in an insurance customer portal, the integrated Etvas Customer Portal is the best way to bring frictionless usage and payment of extra services to your customers.

Single Sign On

Customer logs into your app and that’s it. All services are ready to use.

Web or mobile

Works great with web, native and cross-platform mobile apps.

Platform agnostic

Node.js or Java 5? No problem. Etvas works with every tech stack.

Embedded & integrated into your web or mobile app

Customer expectations have increased tremendously in the last decade. Having a beautiful and instantaneous application with great UX/CX is simply a must right now.

Responsive - deliver consistent and beautiful UX across a wide range of devices with a fully responsive interface.

Fast & Scalable - hosted in Germany and engineered using the most modern cloud technologies for amazing performance and scalability.

Responsive and fast

Removing friction around the payment of services is a key value proposition for the Etvas end customers.

Although Etvas supports a wide variety of pricing models in the market, customers experience the simplicity of a one-click payment and invoice aggregation process regardless of which service they decide to use.

Fixed price
One time payments
In-app purchases

One account, one payment

Test customer response without the need for IT

Test how customers respond to new service propositions with our hosted and fully branded landing pages. Every service activated by you in the Partner Studio comes automatically with landing pages that you can directly link to.

Social campaigns
Branch sales
Call center campaigns
Media campaigns
Offline sales

Hosted landing pages

Global with multi language support

Multi language support built into every facet of the product for global market support

As safe as your bank with 2FA

2FA enabled by default on all accounts coupled with ISO 27001 and GDPR compliance

Cloud scalability and performance

Fully hosted SaaS solution built to scale and perform like the the biggest website in the world.



86% percent of users visit the transaction statement page immediately after login and over 65% then go and execute a payment.

The Etvas Automat is a key enabler to deliver transaction and contextual value-added services to your customers based on their transaction data, directly inside the Online Banking or Mobile Banking app.

Transaction & contextual added services

Advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms power our transaction classification and services matching process, to ensure that only the highest relevant services are brought in front of customers.

Our process ensures the highest conversion rates and the highest customer satisfaction.

Bought a new flight? How about flight cancellation or delay insurance?
Bought a new laptop? How about an extended warranty?
Making mortgage payments? How about home insurance?

Artificial Intelligence-powered service delivery

Our unique Single Sign-On and Single Payment technology allow end customers to purchase and use any service from any provider directly inside the Online or Mobile Banking environment. No payment details, no user registration, no login.

Pure usage and payment of any services, with zero friction, give end customers the joy of easily discovering and trying extra services.

Frictionless purchase and usage

Advanced technology which empowers customers to benefit from high quality services at the right time.

Totally automated or completely in control

Run your own campaign and pair services with transactions from specific retails or transaction categories (eg. ‘groceries’) or leave it up to our Etvas Automat AI to find the best services for the transactional context of the customer.

Value Added Service delivery for the 21st century

Partner Studio

Partner Studio

The Etvas Partner Studio is the control center where you can manage all aspects of your value-added services program.

Whether you are here to use the Etvas technology platform to bring extra services to your customers, or you are here to sell your own services in the Etvas Marketplace, the Etvas Studio is here to put you in control.

The Etvas Studio gives you a fully self-service VAS platform, dramatically reducing the need to involve IT in the rollout of your service program.

Match service offers and customer needs

Buying services from the Etvas Marketplace, integrating your own service providers, or offering services you have in the Etvas Marketplace can all happen at the same time.

Buy services

With access to the Etvas Marketplace, you can offer services in minutes.

Partner Studio is the place where you can select and publish services to your customers, access landing pages, and configure the hosted or embedded Customer Portal options.

Offer services

Integrate your own services as Etvas Apps and offer them to your customers.

Single Sign-On, Single Payment, and great UX are just some of the reasons why customers love Etvas services. Any service you integrate, yours or services of your partners, can also be offered by you in the Etvas Marketplace.

Buy or Sell? Both!

Get unparalleled insight into the performance of your service program with the Etvas Partner Studio.

Data insights on the appeal of the service to customers, conversion rates, usage rates, and many more are made available in the Analytics module.

We collect data responsibly, ISO27001 and GDPR provisions are strictly implemented, data is hosted in Germany and never sold to third parties.

Advanced data analytics and responsible customer insights

6 months free, and then yearly subscription” or “18 months for the price of 12 months” and many other Trial modes are available so you can deliver services in the right way to bring value to your customers.

Sell your way with flexible pricing models

Audit log

ISO 27001 compliant audit logging ensures high security and accountability.

Customer CRM

Customer CRM with advanced segmenting to manage service offerings at a personal level.

Service quality control

Automated quality control and monitoring of services ensure services works all the time and your reputation is protected.


With thousands of services integrated soon
The Etvas Marketplace will soon be the largest marketplace in the world for Value Added Services. With cybersecurity, travel, vouchers, insurances, and financial products the opportunities to provide the best service to your customers will be endless.

Reach millions of customers without breaking a sweat
We work with the world's largest banks and insurance companies in the world to create the best technology in the market for the value-added services delivery. Integrate your service as an Etvas App and reach all our customers with minimum effort.

A wide variety of B2B and B2C services are available in our marketplace already and many more will be added by service partners. Covering a wide range of comprehensive service ecosystems we can help you deliver a compelling service propositions to your customers.

Security · Travel · Home & Garden · Shopping · Insurance · Savings · Financial Products

Comprehensive service ecosystems for customers

Your reputation is the most important thing you have. Discover measures we have in place to ensure services quality.

Etvas Service Assesment Framework

Putting untested and unvetted services in front of your customers could cause a big reputational risk. That is why we validate the quality of each service in the Etvas Marketplace by using our comprehensive Service Assessment Framework.

Automated service testing

Every service integrated into our marketplace is tested every 4h using sophisticated automated software testing to make sure that every service you offer is always working and always available for your customers.

High-quality services



High developer productivity with easy integration
Get started in less then 10 minutes and deliver branded, consistent and beautiful CX, to customers from the Etvas Cloud.

Global scalability
Built with the newest technologies and prepared for global scalability Etvas App are how you bring all the magic of your service to Etvas users.

Technology agnostic
You can use our CLI and SDKs for React and Node.js bootstrapping an Etvas App or any other technology stack you are familiar with.

Add new services in Etvas in hours by building Etvas Apps

Customers expect consistent and compelling customer experiences in the style and brand of the business they buy from.

When integrated into the Etvas Platform you don’t need to do any additional work to white label or match the branding of the partner selling your products.

Building Etvas Apps (for React) with the EtvasKit delivers performance, consistent and beautiful UI and UX while taking care of all the work needed to brand your App for every partner.

Consistent, beautiful and branded UI with EtvasKit

The Etvas SDK (for Node.js) is the fastest and safest way to build back-ends for Etvas Apps and integrate your service with Etvas.

Payments & Events - handle payment and other platform events securely
Data - build stateful apps without databases by using our key/value store
Branded Emails - communicate with customers in the brand of the partner selling your services
SSO - frictionless usage of Etvas Apps for end customer with industry-standard OAuth and OpenID single sign-on


Onboard services in days instead of months and launch more initiatives then ever.

Integrate your own services or services from your providers without the need for IT or costly consulting projects.

Great developer experience =
Greatest business agility

Build simple automated acceptance tests using our DSL and ensure that your app is always available and working properly. Our automated quality control and monitoring tests your app several times per day and sends reports when your apps are down.

Together with the Etvas Service Quality Assessment Framework the automated quality control and monitoring allow our partners selling products to manage reputational risk and sell services with confidence.

Automated quality control
and monitoring

Data Privacy & Security

Our solutions are rooted in industry-standard code and processes to ensure data privacy and security. We don’t sell customer data and never will. Data collected is anonymized to the extent possible and access is strictly monitored and controlled. All our systems are regularly tested and updated for security vulnerabilities.

BaFin regulated payments

All monetary transactions are handled through BaFin-regulated processes and accounts.

ISO 27001 & GDPR compliant

Platform built from the ground to provide the same level of security as safe as your bank.

Hosted in Germany

Our fully hosted SaaS platform for value added services is hosted and operated in Germany.